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Polyboard gives toy the flexibility to design high- end joinery and cabinetry to your exacting standards without impeding to your style or creativity. Polyboard has many built in features to make the design process as easy and powerful as possible enabling you to meet your and your customers expectations With state of the art drilling and routing connectivity;  if you have a CNC machine Polyboard will enable you to treat your machine like a printer all aspects are on screen in 3d  before you hit the “print button”
Easily design interior library and entertainment joinery/ cabinetry Interior joinery becomes less of a chore and more like a computer game with Polyboard.  easily design complex joinery projects and instantly get exact accurate cutlists with together with detailed costs, and drawings / plans to show to the client for verification. Polyboard is not based on generic cabinet libraries this enables you the user to specify all aspects of the cabinet yourself, e.g. how each joint should be made, which parts will overlap which parts and of course use any hardware fitting you choose. If you do not use a cnc then you can get accurate drawings and cut-lists to work off, and of course Polyboard links seamlessly with Opticut for optimised sheet layouts. If you have a cnc Then you can export each part into your favourite cam software ready to run on your machine.
Interior Fitouts

Cutouts Galore:

Polyboard makes it easy to integrate wall features that need to be incorporated into cabinetry fore example o Vents and Air-conditioning ducts o Power point outlets o Cable and wire conduits o Cable cap holes Using the “inner tooling” feature in Polyboard makes adding in these cut-outs a snap. just specify the size shape and position on the part and away you go. no more cutting by hand on-site!
Design notches and drilling as per sliding door hardware  →
Interior Joinery is easily created in Polyboard
Add in grooves and view in 3d on screen before sending to machine
Design and program all machining drilling and routing Polyboard will enable you to set all the machining requirements at the design stage so that everything is machined at once on the cnc from drilling to routing and grooving Polyboard does it all!  
~ Focus on Industry ~
“Unboxing” easy design around room fixtures One of the neatest ant most useful features in Polyboard is the unboxing feature. It allows the user to specify the dimensions of the fixture that the cabinet or unit needs to fit around. just key in the dimensions and Polyboard takes care of the rest: it adds in the extra panels and automatically creates appropriate cut-outs in parts. The ‘unboxing’ feature is very handy when you need to design your cabinetry around: columns vents wall and celing protrusions or even if you just want to create a steped shape cabinet.