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StairDesigner - stair design software for easy design of complex staircases  Stairdesigner automatically calculates all parts of various types of staircases, and is used in the wood, marble, stone, and metal industries.
Main Features: Stairdesigner allows you to create valid staircase with very quick and easy parameters entry. It has a help and control function that checks and corrects; Riser height, Tread length and stair rule parameters to ensure they remain with specifications Stair designer calculates all the stair components: Steps, risers, stringboards, racks, straws, poles, handrails and banisters, which may be printed, plotted in 1:1 scale jigs or exported in the dxf format for importation into cam software for machining on CNC machines. Stardesigner is able to display 3D views of the created staircase  with predefined views, zoom and rotation tools for verification and presentation of designs to clients
Stair Types: Stairdesigner is able to design staircases with up to 7 flights. Landings can be defined and each flight can be set and any angle with respect to the previous flight. Flights can be defined as left or right with respect to the previous flight enabling S-shaped staircases. By joining successive flights with arcs stairdesigner can create winding stars types. Stair designer calculates the rounded shaped parts that are created. Stairdesigner can also create ‘English style Stairs’  these staircase do not have overlay stringboards but the banisters are located directly on the steps. Stair designer uses a balancing function to evenly distribute the shape of the step around each corner or turn
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