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OptiCut sheet optimisation for panel and Beamsaws & crosscut profile saws  The software Is a powerful and competitively priced package that is feature packed and includes direct connection to most CNC saws.
Optimisation Features: Opticut Is based on a powerful Algorithm with 6 predefined optimisation modes The algorithm can also take into account machine  features so that the optimisation will reflect capabilities of your machine Depending on the optimisation mode, the panels turnaround feature can be turned on to increase material yield or off to reduce cutting times and manual panel handling. There is control over many aspects of the optimisation and settings related to particular machines can also be configured. Optimisations can be run over multiple materials types and sheet sizes simultaneously. Optimisation results are presented in an easy format that displays the panels required a report on the pieces placed /not placed and edging information if required..
Connectivity: Opticut can import part lists and files from many design applications in the CSV format. The built-in import configuration allows the program to adapt and import files from any spreadsheet and most design applications Direct and seamless import of part files from our own design Application Polyboard. Opticut has a universal Post- processor that can translate the optimised cutting layouts into the main CNC saws languages and formats.
Bars / linear Lengths: In addition to panels Opticut can also optimise Linear Bar materials. Opticut can take into account angles and section symmetries and will therefore calculate an optimised cutting patterns 3D views of section can be seen showing exactly how cuts will be made. Using the dxf format section drawing can be loaded and associated with particular profiles. In a similar way to panel materials Opticut also maintains a library of profile materials with current stocks and offcuts tracking.
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Reports & Printouts: Full reports including cutting lists, materials lists, and optimisation results lists can be all printed. The reports can be customised by turning on or off features and list to be printed. Full sets of cutting maps  for both panels and profiles can be printed Opticut can also generate part labels with full customisation of the label information fields.
Optimisation features Optimisation features Printouts & Reports  Printouts & Reports Connectivity Connectivity Free Demo Version Free Demo Version Free Demo version Download User Manual
Setting optimisation parameters gives maximum flexibility over the resulting layout to let you cut the way you want
Optimisation mode can be set to universal or specific requirements of a numeric controlled saw.
Optimisation results window
Setting optimisation parameters gives maximum flexibility over the resulting layout to let you cut the way you want
Choose between sheet or bar type optimisation project
Detailed optimised linear bar results
Clear 3D drawings of profiles showing angle cuts
Printed reports including cut lists , full sheets , optimisation results and detailed cost itemisation
Printed bar optimisation cutting layout / diagrams
Printed sheet cuting layout / digram →
Fully configurable import export of cut-lists
Easy transfer of parts from Polyboard to Opticut
Export optimised cut-maps to most CNC machines