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Nesting Features: Nesting optimisation software useful in a variety of industries e.g. woodworking metalworking etc.. Powerful nesting calculation algorithm - True shape nesting- very compact placement of parts Accurate nesting of machined parts with drilled holes, cut-outs and pocketing Algorithm takes into account rotation and reversing part requirements Maintains stock sheet inventory with ability to import irregular shaped sheet or off- cut and nest parts onto it. Reclaims offcuts from previous nesting and allows reuse. Easy direct entry or rectangular, circular and polygonal shapes. Nesting calculation takes into account sheet trim-cuts, cutting tool thickness and gives many options for controlling part placement and nesting calculation parameters. Powerful DXF file import engine and export of DXF formated  nested maps maintaining original layer name conventions ready for importation into any CAD/CAM tool-pathing software systems including our own Pratiko CAM to generate Gcode for any CNC machine. Automatic start from command line with ability to integrate with other production systems. Seamless Automatic import of parts from our own Polyboard 3D design software
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Printed Reports & part labelling: Optinest prints parts lists, Nesting maps with part references list of sheets required, A summary of sheets used wit h off cuts rate a summary of optimisation results including total parts placed. Prints part labels on label sheets or dedicated label printers, with all part details, graphic of part and Edgebanding location around edges of label indicating side of part to be edged.