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Polyboard 3D Cabinet Design Tutorials: Please find Below a series of Tutorial videos on our design software, we are progressively creating and posting the tutorial videos, but in the meantime if there is something you are unsure about. Please contact us. We always endeavour to follow up on questions in a very quick time frame. Free demo versions of our software featured here are available from our downloads page or from the online store
Videos Coming soon... More advanced furniture design Exporting with the post processor to single parts to CNC machines Exporting parts into Optinest and other nesting software Exporting Cutlists to Opticut
PolyBoard Tutorial #1 - General program overview
PolyBoard Tutorial #2 - Basic Cabinet Editing
PolyBoard Tutorial #3 - Advanced Cabinet Editing Features
PolyBoard Tutorial #4 - 3D space cabinet Layout Design & reports, shop drawings
PolyBoard Tutorial #5 - Advanced cabinet editing #1 - Manufacturing methods
PolyBoard Tutorial #6 - Setting up Hardware fittings
PolyBoard Tutorial #7 - Shaping parts, Adding curves & shapes to the library